Art Learning

We wish to provide free art lessons for children so every child has the opportunity to explore their creative side and learn about the fundamentals of art.

Every member of our team has a passion for helping others and creating art.


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Learn more about the talented artists and volunteers who make our operation possible.

We has two missions: it provides 4-11 year old kids with free art education by various forms of art techniques and skills, and inspires their creativity, imagination and independent thinking. Meanwhile, it offers young volunteers an opportunity to share their passion and techniques with kids and shape their leadership skills."

更多了解關於我們這些有才藝的誌願者。 我們的兩個異象: 通過各種形式的畫畫手工技能,為4-11歲的孩子提供免費的美術課程,激發他們的創造力、想象力和獨立思考。 同時,讓青少年誌願者與小朋友們分享他們的熱情和才藝,訓練他們的領導力。”

STUNNING ARTWORK Of Our Volunteers' :